Are you ready for Apps for Energy "The Sequel"?

In one weekend in November 2014 at Apps for Energy 67 hackers delivered 19 awesome pitches and prototypes in 40 hours of hacktime, while consuming 50 liters of coffee and 350 beers!

Hackathon 11, 12 and 13 March

Do you want to experience round two? Enexis and UtrechtInc are organizing Apps for Energy "The Sequel" in the weekend of 11, 12 and 13 March 2016. This is an "employees only" event, however: we have the opportunity to offer 10 of you participation of this exclusive insider hackathon!

Use your hacking skills

You will be using modern technology and your hacking skills to solving actual problems encountered by one of the largest energy infrastructure builders in The Netherlands, in the transition to a clean and smart energy grid.

The prize

The winning team will be rewarded with a 3-month process to actually realize the project within Enexis. You, as part of the winning team, will be hired by Enexis to take part in this project.


Apply now by submitting this application form:
We will let you know by Tuesday 8 March if you have been selected.

Practical information:

Location: UtrechtInc, Padualaan 8, 3584 CH Utrecht
Start: Friday 11 March at 18:00
End: Sunday 13 March at 18:00
You will get all the details once you have been selected.

The hackathon is 'all inclusive': meals, drinks and snacks are provided for and in case you need sleep, we have arranged for a hotel room for you to crash (shared 2-person rooms).

Note: in case you are selected, participating the entire weekend is required!

More about Apps for Energy first edition

To know more about Apps for Energy, check out the information of the first edition in 2014.